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So, What is the Solution?

One of the best ways to protect yourself against this worst-case scenario is through Disability Insurance.  Having a Disability Insurance policy can provide some financial security (and peace of mind) if you are not able to provide it yourself.  Disability Insurance (also known as disability income insurance) replaces a portion of your income, usually between 50% and 70% if you are no longer able to work due to sickness or injury.  Think about it, your largest financial asset is your ability to earn an income.  Isn't it worth protecting?    

You may be asking yourself, "When is the best time to buy Disability Insurance?"  The short answer is:  Right Now.  Obviously, you will want to buy it when you don't need it at all.  If you waited until you were actually sick or injured you would more than likely be uninsurable.  And policies are most affordable when you are young and healthy.  Take, for instance, the case of a 35-year-old teacher who, at the recommendation of her Financial Planner purchased a Disability Insurance policy.  The policy was purchased through the school where she worked and she nearly forgot she had the coverage because it was only a few dollars out of each paycheck.  But one day, she suffered a serious injury from a car accident.  She needed several surgeries and extensive rehabilitation which prevented her from working for over two years.  The good news is, her Disability Insurance kept part of her salary coming in through it all!  She initially thought it was a waste of money, but when she needed it, it was there.     

What is it worth to have peace of mind?  To know that your largest financial asset (your ability to earn an income) is protected?  The nominal cost of Disability Insurance will more than pay for itself if you should ever need it.  So, contact us today to get your free Disability Insurance quote!  You'll be glad you did.